Alliance Massage Therapy, LLC
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What to expect...

Whether this is your first massage or your first massage with me.  Here is some information I like all my clients to know:

Upon Arrival:

You should have already filled out the Intake Information online.  Please show up early so we can review the Intake Information and discuss any issues and goals we want to address during your massage session.

The Massage:

Your modesty is a priortity in my massages. You will be professionally draped (covered) during the entire massage.  The only areas uncovered will be the body part being worked. You can disrobe to your comfort level; whether completely or partially.

Your massage is all about you.  Communication with your therapist is KEY to an effective treatment be it relaxation or therapeutic. If you experience any discomfort during the massage I would ask that you speak up and let me know.  I will change my pressure or technique to make the massage more comfortable. 

Stay Relaxed. Breathe naturally and calm your mind.  Focus on the massage.

After the Massage:

The therapist will leave the massage room to allow you to get dressed.

Be careful getting off of the massage table.  Make sure you have your balance and are not light-headed before you stand up.

There will be a towel available to wipe off any excess lotion.  

Take your time getting ready.  Again you may need some time to recover from the massage.

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