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I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped. 

"Corey was wonderful!! He could tell the right spots of tension and work them out. It was the best message that I have ever had. I had a few of them. I would highly recommend Cory to my friends." - Freda 

"He definitely knows how to find those areas that need attention. I always come away feeling so much better. I highly recommend his magical touch."
- Terry B.

"Extremely thorough and cares a lot about your comfort and modesty, wants it to be a relaxing experience but also has techniques for certain pains . I will be back"
- Jordan

"1st massage I have ever had. I was surprised of how much better I felt. Looking forward to next session."
- Rick M

"One of my best upper body massages I've had...really impressed!"
- Marcie

"Corey was professional & personable. My massage was outstanding & I am returning for more massages. Thanks, Corey!"
- Glenn

"Corey took the time to listen to my pain concerns and he did wonders for me! I would highly recommend him! He is considerate, kind and very knowledgeable. My massage was an incredible healing experience. I look forward to my next visit!"
- Sapphire

"Corey is a very skilled and talented therapist . He will adjust his technique to match your needs . Amazing experience."

"Great massage!! Corey was excellent and makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed!!! I’m so glad I went!"
- Jena

"Corey listened to my concerns and then addressed them during the massage. I left feeling relaxed and that I had something done."
- Janeen

"I have had quite a bit of good to excellent bodywork over the years. My session with Corey was quite good, covering the usual territory, entirely professional, well draped for modesty, comfort and relaxation. The last portion of my body to be massaged was my back, where I always have the most discomfort and even moreso lately. Whatever advanced techniques he's learned or created on his own were amazingly helpful and effective not only in the moment but for days afterwards. I feel that my underlying back muscle issues were resolved to a significant extent, which I would not have thought possible in one session. Coupled with that was pain and body stress relief from not just the back work but as a result of the entire session. I have had some really good bodywork of various types from some very skilled practitioners over the years, as budget allows :) Corey is definitely one of the best of them. I look forward to my next opportunity for a healing massage session and I highly recommend him as excellent and professional."
- Melissa

"Corey was great! For me personally-it was like a mixture between a normal swedish massage and sports therapy massage which is what I needed at the time! He was great and very knowledgeable!"
- Nicole

"Great relaxing massage."
- Linda

"Best massage I have had in years!"
- Kent

"Corey was amazing. I definitely will be back."
- Ronitta

"Very relaxing and professional massage! I booked my second appointment today!"
- Michelle

"Had a GREAT experience! From the meditative start to the full body experience, Corey was able to identify the spots that needed the most attention and apply just the right amount of pressure to work out the kinks. I suffer from severe muscle spasms and headaches after an injury suffered years ago in law enforcement work, and after a 90-minute session with Corey, I immediately felt more relaxed and my headache was gone! I look forward to many more sessions with him!"

"Cory was amazing, one of the best massages I've ever had. He takes the time to discuss where your trouble areas are and makes sure he targets those areas." - Wendy C.

"The massage was excellent. Very detail oriented to make sure to eliminate any muscle aches you are having. Corey was great and very professional!" - Brian N.

"Hands down most effective massages ever had. I never book out appointment anywhere, but this was a must, I feel extremely rejuvenated! Corey goes above and beyond." - Samantha W.

"Best massage ever! Corey was great. Easy to talk to, the meditation at the beginning helped clear some of those thoughts that always race around your brain while trying to relax. First time I’ve ever booked a second appointment while leaving the first. Looking forward to the next one!!" - Elaine C.

"Corey was able to release the tension in my back. I can’t wait to have my next massage with a chiropractic adjustment right after!" - Billy

"It was the best massage I've ever had. Cory is very professional" - Kelly

"Great massage! Thanks Corey!" - Anne C

"Wonderful! Scheduling was easy and he is available on weekends!" - Jessica

"Corey is professional & respectful. I really enjoyed the meditation part, along with the breathing before the massage. My massage felt great & I felt great the next day too. I'll definitely return & have already referred a friend to him." 
- Shelley

"Incredible healing experience." 
- Allie

"Corey was very professional and worked all my tension spots."
- Angela 

"Very professional and very skilled. Facilities are very professional, clean and serene."
- Cecilia

"Corey was GREAT!!! I'm looking forward to my next appointment!!!" 
- Kristen

"Excellent massage. Corey knows what he's doing!" 
- Daniel O

"Amazing massage.. Would recommend Corey to you!!!!" 
- Denise

"Corey was very professional & did an excellent job! So impressed I’m going back again in a month! Prices are also very reasonable!"
- Tammy

"Very professional and relaxing massage."
- Brandi B

"One of the best. So professional and focused on what you need." 
- AJ

"I suffered with a lot back and migraine headache, after I starting going there I feel much better." 
- Edeline

"Outstanding massage, Cory. It was just what I needed. Thank you. I highly recommend Cory!" 
- Lydia

"You are the best in the world at what you do to make my old body keep going. I have had massages before but they do not even make the grade. I feel so relaxed when I come home I sleep for hours. You will never know how much I appreciate you. Thank you a million times." 
- Glenda

"So Glad you were recommended to me! the result was a diminish of the pain I have been experiencing for some time now!"
- Jean

"I was recommended and encouraged to go see Corey from a friend of mine who has been with him for a while. I had no idea really what to expect because it was my first time getting a professional massage. Corey was kind and made me feel welcomed from the moment I stepped in. He communicated what to expect and asked me what my problem areas were. The actual massage was soooo relaxing and immediately I could feel tension and pained areas lifted. Overall it was amazing." 
- Kaitlen

"made me fell at ease for the first time" 
- james

"Professional, timely, strong, But not overbearing, always asking if I was comfortable and if it was too heavy or too light and just to let him know. I will refer him to several people including me having him again." 
- Brenda

"The therapist was thorough in describing what his t treatment plan would be. He was professional. I felt very confident that he would be able to increase flexion in my knee. I would recommend his services to others." 
- Georgia

"Very professional and skilled! You haven’t had a real massage until you’ve been here." 
- Lorrie

"Corey made me feel very relaxed and safe. He was very professional and let me know what to expect during my session. Afterward I felt a sense of renewal almost, and very hopeful that through message therapy I will be able manage my chronic pain, and even enjoy some relief. I am thankful to Corey and look forward to working with him towards some recovery and better life quality." 
- Suzanne

"excellent,very professional,very skilled, wish I could go every other day"
- gwen 

"Great massage!!!"
- Jay

"Corey is a professional who can always get the knots out." 
- K. Vedder

"Corey does such an amazing job. He makes me feel relaxed & at peace. He is very respectful of privacy and how he massages. He aways makes sure to ask what needs to be worked on for that session and is always trying new techniques to help with tension relief. He can always get rid of my migraines. I will keep coming back to him as long as possible."
- Jeanette S.

"Corey was very professional, shared his philosophy behind massage which I appreciated so much. The environment he set was safe and calm. The massage was super!!!! I would definitely tell others about him. "
- Diane

"Professional expert; awesome job every time." 
- Jan S

"Corey knows the anatomy of the body very well and he is able to provide healing massage by listening to his patients where their issues are and getting to work on that area! I’ve had excellent results with SI joint, shoulder and neck tightness relief treatments! Keep up the good work Corey!"
- Cary P

"Best Massage Ever! Thanks for the relaxation Corey"
- Erin L

"Very relaxing. Definitely recommend."
- Amy G

"I had a very relaxing experience!! Corey targeted the areas that I needed to be worked on. I felt completed relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards. He definitely knows what he is doing to relieve your body and provide relaxation!! I can't wait to go back for my next one!"
- Braidyn M

"I had been suffering with my lower right side of my back as well chronic muscle spasms in my right hip. I got immediate relief for which I am grateful. Got a big bruise on my butt, but it's worth it. Going again next Wednesday."
- Marcia G

"Very professional and friendly. Awesome massages."
- Kevin C

"Corey has a very nice and professional demeanor, takes interest in me as his client. He is very respectful, trusting and professional to my privacy of my body in the way he performs his massage services and does a fine job at it as well! Great services!"
- Dustin

"He listens to clients and is very professional"
- Rachel

"Corey is great and extremely professional. I felt very relaxed, comfortable and rejuvenated after my appointment and slept like a baby that night! I highly recommend him, as you can tell how much passion he has for his career and taking care of his clients." ~ Kaitlyn T. 

"Thank you Brother on joining the team. The players are extremely grateful and appreciate your skills. This was the first time that they had ever experienced this type of massage and they are in love. We have had less injuries this game than in any other. Thank you" ~ Antonio Hori, co-owner of the Kansas City Phantoms

"I feel so much better today. Was expecting a little soreness, but none so far! Thanks Corey. You did a great job!" ~ Rachel W.

"My foot feels sooooo much better! Thank you!". ~ Gretchen M.

"Magic! Pure magic! That's what he does!" Zarina C.

"Treat yourself to a great massage. I did and LOVED it"  :O) Thanks Corey!" ~ Kris R.