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Relaxation Massage and Therapeutic Massage

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Welcome to Alliance Massage Therapy - Relax and take a deep breath. I'm Corey & I'm passionate about my craft and helping you release your tension and promote your well-being.

Has Life Got You Stressed?

Life's fast-pace and multiple responsibilities all seem to land on one person, YOU! Are you ever able to get a break or catch your breath? Are you unable to focus on your job or your loved ones? Do you leave enough time each week to take care of yourself?

Treat yourself to a blissful escape with a tailored massage experience. Guaranteed to melt away stress, alleviate tension, and leave you feeling rejuvenated. Whether you seek a tranquil Swedish massage, therapeutic deep tissue work, or a rejuvenating combination of therapy and relaxation.  I've got your massage needs covered.

Is Pain Keeping You From Doing The Things You Enjoy?

Are you missing time from the gym, yoga, running, biking, hiking, kayaking or even pickle ball? Are you relying too much on over-the-counter pain relievers and prescriptions? When you think about it, pain is much more than just being physically hurt.  It will derail your balance of mind, body and soul, and prevents you from being fully active in your life. It steals time from work and home, and limits your freedom to do what you want. What started as a minor ache has now become a constant nuisance of pain. It radiates between your shoulders blades, into your low back, your neck is tight and the headaches are never ending.

Immerse yourself in a world of tranquility and self-care. Receive a profession massage, expertly crafted to enhance your overall well-being. 

I Can Help!

Whether you just want to relax or we need to address a pain issue, I am passionate about YOUR health and helping you live a more productive and pain free life. Having experienced soft tissue injuries and dysfunction, I was tired of only getting medication to alleviate the pain and not addressing the problem.  I ventured into the world of massage therapy and now want to share my passion and it's healing attributes with you.

You will receive personalized attention and each session is tailored to you and your needs

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